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What is the difference between a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure and a shade cloth?

A characteristic of a shade cloth – as they can be easily ordered over the internet – is that when you remove these cloths from their attachment points, they are completely flat. Compare it to a carpet. Flat canvases have the characteristic that you can apply little or no tension to them. In the absence of pre-tension, you get an unstable character. These cloths cannot withstand heavy rain and wind.

In HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structures have a shape that is made up in advance. If you take our membranes off tension, they still have the same shape.

By confectioning shape into the membrane in advance, we can put much higher tension on the sail. After all, the more tension you put on it, the more you bring the sail into the shape it was made in, the more stable the sail hangs. This pre-tension combined with the shape ensures that stability is created in rain and wind. And this makes a big difference compared to a classic shade cloth.

What is the lifespan of a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure?

We use only high-quality textile materials. If you remove and maintain your semi-permanent tarpaulin cover during the winter months, the lightweight membrane will have a lifespan of between 10 and 12 years.

HOOVER Concepts® permanent tensile structure covers are also made of high-quality textile material and have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Is a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure waterproof?

Yes. Due to its tension and shape, your sailcloth will not let water through. Moreover, the fabric material has had a weaving, a heatsetting, so the fibres are even closer together to make the fabric 100% waterproof. Finally, the membrane is coated which is hydrophobic, dirt-repellent and fungicidal.

Is a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure protective against UV radiation?

UVA and UVB radiation from the sun can be very harmful. Not only can they cause redness and itching, in even worse cases they cause melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. That is why all fabric materials used at HOOVER Concepts® are more than 99% UVA and UVB protective and you can enjoy the summer carefree under your tarpaulin or awning.

Is a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure storm resistant?

Hoover Concepts Textile® Structures develops, manufactures and installs semi-permanent and permanent Membrane structures.

The semi-permanent solutions are lightweight tarpaulin structures. The fabric used weighs only 270gr/m2 and can be easily removed and reattached by yourself.

Due to the minimalist construction and lightweight sail cloth, the systems are limited in the forces they can handle. Semi-permanent solutions go up to 8 Beaufort and snow should also be removed immediately.

Permanent solutions are sail structures specially designed and built to withstand all weather conditions. The fabric used weighs between 700 and 900gr/m2. They can withstand wind force 12 and are therefore 100% storm-proof. In addition, these systems can withstand a snow load of 30m/m2. These tarpaulins are not removable.

Do I have to install a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure myself?

No. We will install your customised sunsail system from HOOVER Concepts® for you. Our specialised team of installation staff will do it. We first provide all fixing materials such as gable fasteners, roof points, ground points and we place the screw foundations for the correct positioning of the masts. Once these are in place, all sail coordinates are measured precisely and digitally, after which our engineering department starts drawing up the cutting plans.

Once your sail has been manufactured, we make an appointment with you for the delivery of your covering. Even then, one of our service and assembly staff will be present to hoist the covering and provide you with the necessary explanations and information.

How do I maintain my HOOVER Concepts®Textile Structure?

The lightweight tarpaulins are easy to clean. We do this for you. You can have your  sail professionally cleaned and recoated with a protective coating. You can choose from various types of maintenance to clean your awning, taking care of you from A to Z. Has your membrane been cleaned? Then it will be stored neatly in the corresponding tarpaulin bag. This can be done at your home or at our headquarters in Stabroek.

Which service does HOOVER Concepts® offer (repair, but also pick-up and delivery service, storage possibility,...)?

The HOOVER Concepts® technical team is also at your disposal for maintenance and repairs of your semi-permanent or Permanent Textile Structure.

Don’t feel like taking down your semi-permanent tarpaulin cover in the autumn and storing it yourself during the winter months? No problem, we are happy to do this for you. And of course, we are also at your service to put the tarpaulin back in place or to assist you in putting it back.

How do I operate my HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure?

Upon delivery of your tarpaulin cover, our team is ready to provide you with all the necessary explanations. How is the tarpaulin removed? How do we hang it back up and apply sufficient tension? How does the overload protection work and what to do if it is triggered? We explain this and much more in detail during the delivery of your tarpaulin cover. On the instruction videos you can watch and go through everything again, of course you can always contact us.

What does a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure cost?

The cost of your Textile Structure depends on several factors. Firstly, the number of fixing points and secondly, the type of fixing points. In addition, the size of the covering, the degree of difficulty of the cutting plan and the installation. For a good idea of the possibilities at your location and to get an accurate price indication, it is best to contact us. We will be happy to assist you without any obligation.

Do I need a permit to install a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure?

Because of the way our semi-permanent solutions are constructed and installed, they are completely removable right up to the foundation. Hence the term ‘semi-permanent’. As a result, it can often be installed completely licence-free.

If you are unsure about the possibilities for a permit-free tarpaulin at your location, please contact us without any obligation. We will be happy to tell you more.

How long does it take to produce a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure?

The exact lead time of a project depends on several factors. That is why we discuss our working methods in advance and, in consultation with you, discuss our approach to production, date for first installation and the desired date of delivery of your Textile Structure. On average, we expect a lead time of about 8 weeks.

What colours are available?

HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structures, as the only supplier specialising in 3D tarpaulins, works with different brands and types of cloth materials. The choice of colours is virtually unlimited, but requires some advice to arrive at the right decision. Depending on your wishes and the size of the project, we determine in consultation the type and colour of the cloth material. Not every canvas material is the same. Also, the pigment of certain colours is not or less suitable in some situations. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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