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Semi-permanent Textile Structure

A tailor-made shade cloth for private individuals, companies and public spaces

Enjoy your garden and terrace more and longer with a made-to-measure tarpaulin cover

A tarpaulin cover gives your garden and outdoor space a stylish upgrade and is above all functional.  It allows you to enjoy your garden or terrace for longer, even when the sun shines brightly and when it starts to drip. A semi-permanent membrane cover is wind-resistant and can be removed in winter so that – when the sun is lower – you can enjoy maximum light and the warmth of the sun through the windows. No more shifting parasols and sliding in and out of awnings that turn out to be non-functional. With a customised sailcloth, you enjoy maximum shade.

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Made-to-measure eye-catcher

At HOOVER Concepts® no standard solutions, we work to measure. So your shade cloth will fit seamlessly into your outdoor environment. That customisation is necessary to calculate the desired shade pattern. So that you know exactly where, when and for how long you will have shade while maintaining a view of the garden and outdoor space. Moreover, we ensure an architectural fit with house or annex, because of course the eye wants something too. Whether you want a beautiful tarpaulin for your garden, annex, the outdoor area of a nursery or carport, we have the ideal solution for you.

Properties of a
semi-permanent tarpaulin cover

Are you looking for a unique, timeless and sophisticated design that blends perfectly with the architecture and materials used in your home, garden, terrace or entire outdoor area?

We design it for you.

More than a classic shade cloth

With us, you buy a HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structure. Although the terms are used interchangeably, it is not the same as a classic shade cloth. In our membrane structures, a shape is built into the cloth during the manufacturing process. Thanks to this built-in shape, the tarpaulin can be tensioned to a much greater degree than a classic shade cloth.

The tension and shape ensure stability in erratic weather conditions such as heavy rain and wind. Wind is deflected thanks to the tension and rainwater slides to the low points thanks to the shape.

Conceptual approach

The design and manufacture of a tarpaulin require a specific, conceptual approach and thoughtful thinking. Beforehand, you discover all the possibilities for your site, thanks to a 3D customised design. Thanks to that 3D design, you can perfectly imagine what your tarpaulin will look like on your terrace or garden. And you can be sure of optimum rain protection, desired shade pattern, correct drainage and wind resistance of your tarpaulin cover. In addition, we ensure appropriate aesthetics, functionality, safety for people, animals and the environment as well as ease of use of the entire tarpaulin covering.

Thanks to our own engineering department, design consultants and our own installation team, almost everything is done in-house. This gives us complete control over the entire production process from start to finish, allowing us to react quickly and communicate in a short line.

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Personal approach from first contact to delivery

Throughout the project, you have a single contact person and are involved in every phase, so that you are informed of every step throughout the project.


You make a no-obligation appointment via the site or by phone and we visit you on site. We listen to what you are looking for and discuss the possibilities.


We make a 3D visualisation of the location and start the first designs. After your feedback, we come and present the final design on site with shadow simulation. The material is also chosen.


Working drawings are made, engineering and production are prepared.


The hardware materials for the fixing points are produced in Stabroek and assembled at your premises.


The tarpaulin is manufactured and the delivery date can be planned.


The tarpaulin is installed and you receive a detailed explanation of its use and maintenance.

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High-quality materials

All our fastening materials are in stainless steel/A4 quality. We also work exclusively with HARKEN pulleys, KRINNER screw foundations and 100% Samson Dyneema lines. For our masts, we like to work with our own patented aluminium profile. RVS316 masts or even steel masts, which we can powder-coat in virtually any RAL colour, are also possible. We can even wrap them with a ‘wood-look’ foil to create a natural look in woody surroundings, for example.

Need help with annual maintenance?

Our team can relieve you of all your worries. Collection of tarpaulins, cleaning and coating, technical inspection of the construction, any necessary repairs, winter storage of tarpaulins and their return are all done for you. Want to know more?