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Textile Structures

Tailor-made semi-permanent and permanent industrial textile Structures

Whether you are looking for a permanent industrial or semi-permanent tarpaulin canopy, we will design a concept that integrally meets your requirements in terms of design, functionality and durability. Textile tarpaulin canopies from HOOVER Concepts® are a feast for the eyes. Moreover, you can be sure that your tarpaulin meets the highest architectural and technological requirements. Whether you are looking for a tarpaulin that serves as a sunshade, for privacy or a fixed tarpaulin canopy to protect against rain and resist wind, anything is possible.

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Semi-permanent textile Structure

Semipermanent tarpaulins are sunscreens that allow you to enjoy your outdoor space for longer and more. The perfect solution against bright sun and rain with wind resistance up to 8 Beaufort. These luxurious sun canopies offer the flexibility of being taken down in winter to allow more sun inside.

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Industrial Textile structures

Industrial or permanent tarpaulin covers are heavier membrane structures that can withstand all weather conditions: wind up to 12 Beaufort and snow loads up to 25 cm per m². They can therefore remain in place all year round.

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HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structures


An international project?

HOOVER Concepts® works and operates from Belgium and the Netherlands. But we can also help you with international projects. For example, we are active in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and even Bulgaria. We have a national presence and work per region with local and carefully chosen specialists.

Your Sail canopy from HOOVER Concepts® is always unique

With a made-to-measure tarpaulin cover, you will have a unique shade cloth, completely custom-made. Your design sail tarpaulin cover is designed in a 3-dimensional environment. We always design and determine the most suitable and functional shape for you together with you. Once you have approved the design, we start production of all the hardware of the tarpaulin cover at our own production site in Stabroek (Antwerp). In doing so, we take into account not only your preferences in materials and colours, but also your wishes in terms of functionality, ease of use and safety of people and the environment. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities at your location.

Our promise

We manufacture our tarpaulins using the most durable and high-quality products and materials found at the top of the maritime world. We always opt for durability, functionality and ease of use.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? We collected the answers to our frequently asked questions for you on our FAQ page.

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In cooperation with local partners, we are able to deliver our projects across the BeNeLux borders and for installation with our own construction teams. In recent years, HOOVER Concepts® has realised several projects of our semi-permanent canopies and permanent Textile Structures in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and even Bulgaria.

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