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Permanent Textile Structures

Storm-proof tarpaulins for businesses and public spaces

What is a permanent tarpaulin canopy?

Besides semi-permanent membranes, we are also a manufacturer, distributor and assembler of permanent, industrial Textile Structures. Industrial tarpaulin canopies are enormously sturdy, permanent structures with a reinforced concrete foundation. With the permanent sail structure, we go from wind-proof (up to 8 Beaufort) to storm-proof (up to 12 Beaufort) and a possible snow load of 30cm.

Schaduwdoek terras

What are permanent
texttile structures used for?

Industrial or permanent canopies have many applications. Think of catering terraces, as wel as squares at recreation parks and public places also benefit from a fixed, permanent tarpaulin construction.

Together with you and your team, we arrive at a design unique to your wishes and the needs of the desired location.

Lightweight, translucent and waterproof

Industrial membrane structures are lightweight structures full of beauty and elegance. The trick is to bridge huge distances with minimal material thickness, with the design following the forces in the membrane. This symbiosis of form and structure reduces weight, minimises resources and thus saves energy and costs and creates light-flooded, striking and impressive forms of architecture in membrane canopies.

Schaduwdoek op maat toepassingen

Features of an
industrial membrane enclosure

All made to measure

HOOVER Concepts® uses high-quality membranes (from renowned brands such as Serge Ferrari and Mehler) and have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, regardless of weather conditions.

Of course, the load-bearing structure is also developed and calculated entirely to size. We have all this knowledge and know-how in-house so we can relieve you of all your worries from A to Z and you can be sure of one contact person throughout the project.

An international project?

HOOVER Concepts® works and operates from Belgium and the Netherlands. But we can also help you with international projects. For example, we are active in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and even Bulgaria. We have a national presence and work per region with local and carefully chosen specialists.

HOOVER Concepts®

Aesthetics and elegance

Membrane structures have a unique visual character. They allow you as a designer, architect or engineer to experiment with shapes full of beauty and elegance that meet the highest aesthetic requirements. Membrane structures are structurally optimised and highly efficient. The huge range of surge capacities requires less primary structure and is therefore very cost-effective. Ideal for sustainable building solutions.

Features of a permanent tarpaulin canopy

How is a permanent Textile structure constructed?

A permanent Textile Structure is made up of the membrane, supporting structure and foundation. Tensioned tarpaulin canopies are curved between supporting elements that reflect the flow of tension forces within the membrane. To give stability to a membrane structure, saddle-like curvature is necessary. The so-called ‘anticlastic deformation’ combined with an applied preload leads to a stiffening of the surface and thus the desired and statically calculable stiffness. The greater the deformation, the lower the applied pre-load forces, which ultimately result from external loads such as wind and snow, for example. We call this process formfinding and it comes about through cooperation between you as the client, the architect, engineering and the tarpaulin manufacturer.

Steps in the production of permanent tarpaulins


Meeting on location:  Determination of requirements and wishes, explanation of working method, use of materials and possibilities. Measurement of the current situation and initial 3D design including shadow simulation.


3D study and drawing of the various designs and possibilities. Followed by a presentation, explanation and optimisation of the 3D designs.


Design phase up to final design of the entire structure. Including shape determination and stress analysis, calculation of wind and snow loads, reporting of the resulting forces on the supporting structure.


Preparation of all construction plans and working drawings.


Production of the underlying, load-bearing steel structure and membrane, trial erection and powder coating of the steel structure.


Finally, placement of the foundation, assembly of the steel structure and installation and tensioning of the membrane.

Maintenance and inspection

Permanent HOOVER Concepts® Textile Structures require little maintenance compared to a conventional building of similar size and area. HOOVER Concepts®, in cooperation with other specialised partners, offers a complete range of maintenance, inspection, cleaning, testing and repair services and support for any structure. Want to know more?