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The applications of a custom textile structure with HOOVER Concepts®

At HOOVER Concepts®, we offer custom structures suitable for a variety of situations and locations. Discover the versatile applications of our custom solutions. We can offer you a custom structure depending on the situation and location.

A customized shade structure for all situations

In a world where customization makes all the difference, HOOVER Concepts® offers a range of custom textile structures to meet a variety of needs and environments. Discover how our custom solutions can add unique value in a variety of settings:

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Custom structure for your home

With a luxury textile structure in your garden or on your patio, you can always enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the weather. This canopy provides a dry, sheltered place where you can relax and spend quality time with friends and family. At HOOVER Concepts®, our shade structures are always custom-made to ensure maximum shade pattern. In addition, our shade cloths are translucent and we take your privacy needs into consideration.

A textile structure adds a contemporary and luxurious look to your outdoor space and not only protects from sun and rain, but also extends the life of your patio interior by blocking UV rays. With a waterproof shade cloth, you can stay outside even in light rain, and combined with a patio heater, you can enjoy your outdoor space year-round. Each textile patio cover is custom-made in our in-house manufacturing facility to perfectly match your outdoor environment.

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Schools & daycare centers

Playing outdoors is essential for children’s development, and with a textile structure you not only provide protection from unexpected rain showers, but also from harmful UV rays.

Perfect for playgrounds, over sandboxes or between buildings, our structures fit any outdoor space. They repel more than 99% of both UVA and UVB rays and are wind resistant up to 8 Beaufort, allowing children to play undisturbed even in rain and wind. The custom design adds an attractive element to the playground or sandbox, and with HOOVER Concepts® every structure is unique.

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Horeca & spas

For the hospitality industry and spas, we strive to provide the ultimate in relaxation. Our custom structures not only provide shelter from the sun, but also add a touch of style and exclusivity to your outdoor space.

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Residential care centers & healthcare facilities

The well-being of residents in assisted living facilities and healthcare facilities is very important. Our custom structures provide a comfortable outdoor environment where residents can enjoy fresh air and protection from the sun. Give your service flats and residential care centers a contemporary and functional facelift with textile structures.

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Cultural and sports facilities

Textile structures create an attractive and functional structures for your recreation and sports venue. These shade cloths provide protection from the bright sun, rain and harmful UV rays, allowing your guests to enjoy various outdoor activities in all weather conditions.

Whether for sporting events, pools, festivals or picnic areas, textile structures are a valuable addition that can be customized for your specific outdoor space.

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Public spaces

In public spaces such as parks and plazas, custom textile structures are a welcome addition. They not only provide protection, but also improve accessibility and comfort for the public. Whether you are looking for a structure for a market square, park entrance, a stage structure or a structure for public grounds in your community? At HOOVER Concepts®, it’s all possible.

A custom structure from HOOVER Concepts®

custom textile structures Belgium: whether you want to improve your home environment, optimize a schoolyard, enhance the atmosphere of your hospitality venue, or create a unique project, a custom structure from HOOVER Concepts® provides the solution you need. We offer shade structures in various shapes specifically adapted to your situation and that offer protection from all weather conditions.

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Custom textile structure: international projects

HOOVER Concepts® has its roots in Belgium and the Netherlands, but our expertise and services extend beyond national borders. We extend to international projects and bring our custom solutions to several countries, including Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and even Bulgaria.

Our approach is based on local expertise and excellence. We understand the importance of regional nuances and work with carefully selected subject matter experts in each region where we operate. This allows us to serve our customers around the world with the same dedication, craftsmanship and quality that carry our signature. At HOOVER Concepts®, we go beyond borders and bring customized solutions to international horizons.

Explore the possibilities of your location

Want to know what is possible at your specific location? Curious about the potential and the solutions we can offer? We would be happy to visit you to review the possibilities and offer clarity on what we can do for you. Let us create your structure of your dreams.

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